Administrators: How to edit your account’s access and security policies

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As an account administrator, you have the ability to edit your account’s user access and password policies. Navigate to the “Admin” tab, and then the “Security Policies” sub-tab.

Of note: proceed carefully, as some of these settings can lock you and your users out of your account if not set correctly!

Password Policy:

User passwords expire in
When this value is set users will be forced to change their passwords after some number of days.

Enforce password history
When this value is set users may not change passwords to one of some number of previous passwords (including the current password).

Minimum password length
The minimum number of characters for user passwords.

Maximum invalid login attempts
When this value is set the user will be locked out of Skytap Cloud for some amount of time (see below) after a series of invalid logins

Lockout effective period
The amount of time the user is locked out of the Skytap Cloud after a series of invalid logins. If that value is "Forever" then the administrator must manually reset the users failed login count from the edit user page.

Allow users to login using OpenID
This feature allows your users to log in to their Skytap user accounts via their OpenID accounts, such as Google or Yahoo

A final note about password policies: Users will be forced to comply to the new policy that you have set when their password expires, when they change their password manually, or after they are deactivated by an administrator.

Access Policy

IP Based Access
If this feature is enabled, you and your users will only be able to log in to your Skytap user accounts from the IP ranges specified (can be used for example to restrict access from none other than your corporate network)

Allow access from IP addresses of Skytap Cloud VMs
If this box is checked, users will also be allowed to log into Skytap from their Skytap VMs

Apply restrictions to Publish URLs
If this box is checked, the restrictions will also apply to any Published URLs that your users have published to provide external access to their VMs

Browser activation
When this option is enabled, all users are required to activate the browser they use to log in to their Skytap account. Users activate their browser by clicking on a link sent to their email address on file for their Skytap Cloud account. Users without a valid email address will be unable to log in.

API authentication
When this option is enabled, Skytap Cloud API requests using HTTP Basic Authentication must use a security token in place of a password. Users can find their security tokens on the My Account page.