For Developers

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Skytap offers a number of resources for developers, including a powerful REST-based API, a Command Line Interface, VM metadata, and automation packs that integrate Skytap VMs into development environments. Documentation on these features is provided below:


All Skytap Cloud customers have access to the Skytap Cloud API, a REST-based API that can be used to automate complex operations on your Skytap Cloud resources. Actions you can automate include:

  • Start up or shut down virtual machines
  • Report on the status of virtual machines and resources
  • Create, update, or delete users
  • Assign resources and quotas to users
  • Manage networking settings

For information on the basic structure of the API, as well as a detailed breakdown of the elements it models, see the Skytap API documentation.

Skytap Cloud also provides Python sample code for the API, which supplements the documentation. It is released for reference only, and should not be used directly in your operations without adequate testing. The sample code is available at the Skytap API Github repository.

Development Tools

Continuous Integration Automation Packs and Plugins

  • Skytap Cloud Plugin for Jenkins adds functionality into the Jenkins web UI to create and manipulate templates and configurations in Skytap Cloud. While the functionality is focused at enabling continuous integration activities, the functionality is not solely limited to use in CI applications.